KCACR Membership

Membership is open to all change ringers in Kent. The available membership types are as follows:

Practising Members

Adult18 & Under80 & Over
£15.00 per year£7.50 per yearFree
£15.00 per year
18 & Under
£7.50 per year
80 & Over

All practising members are entitled to:

  • Vote at the AGM
  • Receive news updates from the Association by e-mail
  • An annual Handbook/Report (by request)
  • Ring peals for the Association
  • Insurance Cover (up to the age of 80)


AssociateNon-Resident Life
£1.50 minimum per year£11.25 single payment
£1.50 minimum per year
Non-Resident Life
£11.25 single payment

Associate Members:  Non-ringers may be elected as Associate Members.  Associate Members are not be able to vote at any meeting of the Association.

Non-Resident Life Members:  A ringer not residing in the Association’s area may be elected as a Non–Resident Life Member on payment of a single subscription equal to 75% of the Practising Member annual subscription. This can be done at a meeting or at the start of a peal.